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What is Strheme?

Strheme is a specialized platform that easily and simply allows businesses in the energy, oil and gas sector to share real-time, delayed or end of day data with relevant, authorized and authenticated stakeholders in a secure manner.

At Strheme, we work hard to put in the plumbing that will eventually create the bridge between data creators and data consumers.

It is our firm belief that every stakeholder in the oil and gas market should have access to professional grade, high performance, and low latency data sharing tools.

Data Sharing

Strheme allows you to choose which data you want to share with external parties. You have total control over who views your data, when they are allowed to view it, and which parts of your data are off-limits to third parties.


Seen some content in Strheme you want more clarification on? Or you want to quickly take action on an anomaly in your data view? Strheme’s integrated messaging platform is the perfect solution.


Strheme scours the internet for credible, reliable, relevant and timely news relating to the oil sector. Additionally, Strheme surfaces related content, to provide greater insight into what, when, where and how the events are taking place.


Strheme’s modeling provides a safe environment for planning, preparing for, and anticipating changes in the business, and its effects on production goals, as well as the business’ financial bottom line.


Strheme’s analytics provide the ability to obtain deep insight into the trends and history of your data, to uncover previously undiscovered facts, and observations that can lead to cost savings, process improvements, and increased efficiency

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